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Chairman's Message (May 2023)

Board of Directors

Chairman's Message

The Hong Kong Society of Dharma Supporters (HKSDS) was established in 2005 by a group of graduates of the Master of Buddhist Studies programme offered by The University of Hong Kong’s Centre of Buddhist Studies.


Under the guidance of Venerable Jing Yin, then-Director of the Centre, HKSDS was formed with Dr. Susan Lee as its founding Chairman. Venerable Hin Hung, Professor Lee Chack Fan and Dr. Chan Kwok Chiu have kindly served as our Honorary Advisors since.  


Thanks to the unfailing support from our Honorary Advisors, directors and members, HKSDS has been engaging in activities conducive to promoting the Dharma, ranging from educational projects, events and publications.


In recent years, HKSDS has worked closely together with the Centre of Buddhist Studies Alumni Association (CBSAA) and Bodhinyana International Foundation (BIF). The meal offering program to the monastic students jointly organized by CBSAA and SDS has received continuous support from the growing number of donors. SDS has been actively sponsoring the activities organized by the BIF.


For various personal reasons, HKSDS has experienced a significant change to our board, with the number of directorships decreasing from 10 to 6. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the valuable contribution of those outgoing directors.


With the expertise and connections of the newly joined directors, I am confident that our scope of commitment can be further expanded going forward.


If you are interested in co-working with us for the spread of Buddha Dharma, you are welcome to become a member of HKSDS.


If you agree with our aspirations (please see About Us) and might consider supporting us by making donations, please visit our Support Us page. 


With metta,


Ben Kwong

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